Mikhail Vrubel

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art by Mikhail Vrubel

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1856 - 1910

-Symbolism, Art Nouveau
-Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel was a Russian painter, sculptor, and decorative artist, known for his contributions to Symbolism and Art Nouveau movements. He was celebrated for his imaginative and highly expressive style, often incorporating elements of fantasy, mysticism, and folklore into his works. Vrubel's paintings are characterized by their vibrant colors, bold compositions, and emotional intensity, reflecting his deep engagement with the inner world of the human psyche. He also made significant contributions to the decorative arts, particularly in the fields of ceramics and stained glass, where he created intricate and innovative designs. Despite facing personal struggles and setbacks throughout his life, Vrubel's artistic legacy endures as a testament to his creative genius and profound influence on Russian art.