All images are created by artificial intelligence.

The names on the Artists page belong to artists whose works are entirely in the public domain or whose majority of works are in the public domain. (there are no contemporary artist names)
The unique visuals presented here are crafted with reference to the styles or names of many famous painters. While inspired by them, artificial intelligence has not directly imitated their works.

All images on the Styles, Movements, Techniques page are uniquely generated by artificial intelligence.

The aim of Aistyle is to guide you in exploring artistic movements and styles in artificial intelligence art while upholding ethical standards and respecting copyright. Simultaneously, we aim to demonstrate how to draw inspiration from the styles of renowned artists without violating copyright.

The showcased visuals are the product of a creative process, serving as a guide to understanding how art has evolved through artificial intelligence.

-We extend our respect to all artists who have contributed to art, both in the past and present...