Hilma af Klint

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art by Hilma af Klint

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1862 - 1944

-Abstract Art, Spiritualism
-Hilma af Klint was a Swedish artist and a pioneer of abstract art. She is recognized for her innovative and visionary approach to painting, particularly her early exploration of abstraction, which predated the more well-known abstract artists of the 20th century. af Klint's work was deeply influenced by spiritualism and theosophy, and she often sought to express mystical and philosophical ideas through her art. She created a vast body of work, including intricate series of paintings that she referred to as "The Paintings for the Temple." These works were intended to convey spiritual truths and explore the connection between the material and spiritual worlds. Despite her groundbreaking contributions to abstract art, af Klint's work remained largely unknown during her lifetime and only gained widespread recognition many decades after her death.