J. Alden Weir

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 1852 - 1919

-Impressionism, American Impressionism
-Julian Alden Weir was an American Impressionist painter and a key figure in the development of American Impressionism. He was known for his landscapes, portraits, and still lifes, which often depicted scenes of rural life in Connecticut, where he resided for much of his career. Weir's style evolved from the academic realism of his early training to the more expressive and atmospheric qualities of Impressionism. He was particularly skilled in capturing the effects of light and color in his outdoor scenes, using loose brushwork and a vibrant palette to convey the vitality of nature. Weir was also influential as a teacher and organizer, helping to establish the influential group known as "The Ten American Painters." His contributions to American art helped to shape the course of Impressionism in the United States.