Alphonse Legros

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art by Alphonse Legros

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 1837 - 1911

-Realism, Symbolism
-Alphonse Legros was a French-born artist who later became a British citizen, known for his contributions to Realism and Symbolism. He was a versatile artist, skilled in painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Legros was associated with the Realist movement in France and later became involved with the Symbolist movement in England. He was admired for his sensitive and poetic approach to depicting the human figure and the natural world. Legros's works often explored themes of spirituality, mortality, and the human condition, characterized by their emotional depth and symbolic imagery. He was also a highly respected teacher, influencing many future generations of artists through his role as a professor at the Slade School of Fine Art in London.
-Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture